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Aerial Views

Perspective Photographs are interesting because it takes the viewer on a different journey as they tour the image. Most of these images were captured while hanging from helicopter doorways.

Photos: 4
Views: 2022

Affairs & Events

From intimate events to formal group gatherings, we can create images for you to remember your special occasion. Albums, Wall-Art, CD-Rom, E-Books, and Photo Books can be created for a long lasting memory.

Photos: 15
Views: 4834

Architectural Images

Architectural images require a three dimensional eye and an imagination to visualize all of these dimensions at the same time.

Photos: 5
Views: 1819

Children Portraits

Children are wonderful and special. Children Portraiture always become a work-of-art

Photos: 50
Views: 2526

Cleva Records

Working within the music industry is always exciting and fun. These images capture the love and energy that these artists want to share with the world.

Photos: 8
Views: 2413

Commercial Images

Lloyd Goradesky Photography is able to photograph an entire catalog or a single image for your ad.

Photos: 9
Views: 2401


Save the Dolphins! A portion of all proceeds will benefit nature and wildlife organizations

Photos: 9
Views: 1914


These are the collection of images that you will see in my exhibits or in my books.

Photos: 54
Views: 2802

Family Portraits

There is nothing more rewarding than when I have the opportunity to capture a beautiful family of filled with smiles. The Family Portraiture Session is a 'feel good' experience for me, and always a fun and memorable experience that is shared with the family.

Photos: 3
Views: 1765

Fireworks Art by Lloyd Goradesky

Fireworks images are extremely difficult photographs to capture. The speed of the rockets are not the only problem. Working with technical equipment in the blackness of the night can make simple tasks very difficult.

Photos: 16
Views: 2211


Capturing landscape images with a camera takes much patience and persistance even though the scenery does not move ... but it does.

Photos: 27
Views: 3990

Model Images

Synergistic energy is created when I get the opportunity to work with human forms to develop an image that becomes inspiring to look at.

Photos: 101
Views: 4588

Offshore Powerboat Racing

The exhilaration that you feel while experiencing an offshore powerboat race is nothing like you have ever felt. Watching sleekly designed boats travelling at speeds over 100mph while waves of water wash over your view is excitement like no other motor sport can offer the spectator.

Photos: 3
Views: 1398

Panthers and Tigers

Working with big game cats is like working with your everyday house cat except it is supersized

Photos: 8
Views: 1712

Pet Portraits

"Pets are people,too"

Photos: 12
Views: 1867


Heads Only

Photos: 8
Views: 1955

Recording Artists

I have the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the most talented performers of today.

Photos: 3
Views: 1419


Okay, so if you do not think that trees can move, try photographing one.

Photos: 8
Views: 1745

Trips & Travels

Exploring the wonderlands of our natural environment is always exciting and exhilerating

Photos: 1
Views: 1268


Lloyd Goradesky Photography captures the most important moments in the most creative ways. When you are searching for a photographer that can deliver sophisticated quality images within your budget.

Photos: 10
Views: 2529


Nature thrives without human kind but human kind would perish without Nature. Humans interfere with the natural habitat of almost every natural living thing everywhere on the planet. Without human intervention many animal species would vanish from the face of our planet. Some animals have a future only if they are kept safe from their environment. Many of my images have helped to document the rehabilitation of injured wildlife so they may be released from captivity.

Photos: 13
Views: 1860