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  NMB Highschool 40th Year Reunion
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2008 BCS Gators National Football Championship

Tailgate and Football Game

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Amanda Wald

Check out the fun at Amanda Wald's Sweet 16 Party. The party was held at the Warehouse which is the only place to have a party like this!

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Boca Dragons Football League

Boca Dragos Football League All Ages

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Chaya Gittel Green Bat Mitzvah

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Children's Events

From one day old infant portraits taken in the hospital room to Quince parties for your princess, Lloyd Goradesky Photography captures your children as they grow and blossom in life.

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Jami Calvano's 40th Birthday Celebration at Florida Keys Resort

Jami Calvano celebrated her 40th Birthday Celebration at The Big Chill Resort in Key Largo. Her husband Larry put on a special weekend event inviting family and friends to join in on the wonderful celebration.

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Joshua Swerdlow's Bar Mitzvah

Joshua Swerdlow held his Bar Mitzvah at the beautiful Jungle Island on Miami Beach, Florida. The ceremony and affair was catered complete with Alligators, Macaw's, Parots, a huge snake and a monkey. The guests had a wonderful time. Please check out the photos to see all of the happy smiles!

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Kwik Rick Outlaw Drag Race Grudge Match held October 2nd, 2010

Kwik Rick Racing hosted the 'Grudge Match Event' at the Palm Beach International Raceway. There were no crashes but a few blown engines and some powerful explosions were some of the highlights of the day.

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Lanie Coan Bat Mitzvah

Lanie Coan conducted a beautiful service for her Bat Mitzvah at the CRJ Synagogue in Orlando, Florida. The Coan Family hosted a beautiful reception that was attended by family and friends that flew in from coast to coast.

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Lori's Special Birthday Party

Tom threw an extravagant party for his wife, Lori, aboard the Kathleen Windridge

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Neal Faerber's 50th Birthday Party

Neal had a super party bash at the Tropicquita Club. The party was held in a private room that overlooked the Ocean and Intracoastal - It was a great night of fun with good friends!

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North Miami High School Class Reunion

The North Miami Senior High School Multi-Class Reunion was held July 31st thru August 2nd at the Pier 66 Hotel and Resort. By purchasing these photos, you will be supporting your graduating class reunion. Your fellow classmates ask you to contribute and to help have future reunion gatherings.

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Power & Glamour Event produced by Belinda Elkaim

This wonderful event was hosted by Belinda Elkaim at the Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton.

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Rewards Network Company Party

The Rewards Network Company is a company that reaches out to the frequent diner. A great time was had by all with great entertainment featuring the Fushu Daiku Japanese Drums and reknown harpist Roberto Perera. The event was held at Hollywood Beach in the beautiful Ramada Hotel.

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The Guessing Game Event produced by Belinda Elkaim at Wyndham Garden Hotel

Belinda Elkaim creates and hosts The Guessing Game Event on Nov 18th at Wyndham Garden Hotel, Boca Raton, Florida. 2 actors from Palm Beach Acting School will disguise themselves as guests to the event and attempt to crash the party.

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