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Bill & Courtney Wedding on the Beach

Bill and Courtney's wedding on Fort Lauderdale Beach was a very special occasion. The ceremony highlight was the release of Monarch butterflies by each of the attending guests. It was a very special occasion filled with love that was felt by everyone.

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Joanna Maland Wedding Shower

Joanna Maland celebrated her wedding shower at the beautiful Grove Isle Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida

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Minna & Robert

Minna and Robert were married in a beautiful location in Coral Gables, Florida. As a well-known fitness model and spokesperson, Minna attracted many famous guests for her extravagant affair.

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Resa & Seth

The lavish country club affair for Resa & Seth was filled with love and roses

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Ron & Amy Marriage

Ron & Amy celebrated their affair that was held at the very special Calgary Church of Fort Lauderdale Florida. The wedding ceremony and reception was wonderful and attended by their very loving family and friends.

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Sheryl & Jason

Sheryl & Jason had a beautiful wedding on the beach during sunset.

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Stan & Jan

Jan & Stan had a beautiful affair at Grove Isle in Coconut Grove.

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Mina Wedding

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Wedding Collage

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